29 November, 2006

Richard Fuggle's retirement address ...

This evening I attended Prof Richard Fuggle's retirement address

DEADP Aquaculture Workshop ...

Dear stakeholder,

The Provincial Government of the Western Cape: Department of
Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) has recognised
the need to develop measures and guidelines to manage and promote
aquaculture. Although the aquaculture industry can possibly impact on
the environment negatively it may also serve as a vehicle for the
achievement of socio-economic development and redress and improve food

The core purpose of the project was defined as the creation of
frameworks and tools for DEA&DP to be able to regulate and facilitate
responsible and sustainable aquaculture development within its mandate
as a legislative authority over the environment in the Western Cape.
DEA&DP plays a significant role in the co-operative governance of
aquaculture and the enhancement of a better understanding among
authorities in relation to aquaculture. In this manner resources will
be protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a
sustainable and equitable manner.

These documents are now finished and training sessions for interested
parties are scheduled on these two documents on 6 Dec 2006 (George) and
7 Dec 2006 (Cape Town). Please note that this opportunity is not just
open to Western Cape government officials but also to industry,
consultants, pdi's etc.

Please send as much of your colleagues as possible. Attached, you will
find and invitation that explains the training workshop.

If you are are NOT based in the Western Cape Province but would like to
attend, take note that you are welcome to attend but that your traveling
and accommodation costs will not be covered by DEADP.

Interested parties should RSVP by no later than 01 December 2006 .

Toinette van der Merwe
Principal Environmental Officer
Directorate: Integrated Environmental Management (Region B1)
Department Environmental Affairs and Development Planning
Provincial Government of the Western Cape

Tel: +27 21 483 2761
Fax: +27 21 483 4372
Email: tvdmerwe@pgwc.gov.za

Protocol - EIA Applications over the festive season ...





1.Issuing of ECA Authorisations and NEMA Environmental Authorisation

The Department will issue the last authorisation in terms of the Environment Conservation Act, 1989 (Act No. 73 of 1989) (“ECA”) for this calendar year on 8 December 2006 and will recommence with the issuing of ECA authorisations on 8 January 2007.

Due to the legislated timeframes with respect to the issuing of environmental authorisations in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) (“NEMA”), no cut-off date may be implemented. It must be noted that there are a number of public holidays over this period and that many officials will be taking their annual leave during said period. If required, appropriate arrangements must be made.

2. Public participation process (PPP)

The Department recommends that the applicant(s) and/or environmental assessment practitioner (“EAP”) do not conduct public participation process (“PPP”) over the festive season, i.e. 15 December 2006 to 7 January 2007.

However, should the PPP extend into the festive period, the Department recommends that the PPP period is adjusted and/or extended to ensure that that Interested and Affected Parties (“I&AP’s”) have sufficient time to participate in the PPP. Adequate motivation is however required should the applicant wish to proceed with a PPP during the festive period (e.g. if the location of the proposed activity is in a recognized holiday destination such as coastal towns).

3. Submission of Notice of Intent, Application Forms and Reports

The Department recommends that applicant(s) and/or EAP’s refrain from submitting Notice of Intents, Application Forms and Reports (Basic Assessment, Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment) after 8 December 2006. This would ensure that all timeframes as stipulated by the NEMA EIA regulations are adhered to by all parties concerned. The Department will therefore issue the last acknowledgement letter for the year on 22 December 2006.


Mr C. Rabie
Director: Integrated Environmental Management * Region A
Tel: (021) 483 4793
Fax: (021) 483 3633

Mr A. Barnes
Director: Integrated Environmental Management * Region B
Tel: (021) 483 4094
Fax: (021) 483 4372

Postal Address
Private Bag X 9086, Cape Town, 8000

Physical Address
Utilitas Building, 1 Dorp Street, Cape Town

27 November, 2006

UNFCCC COP/MOP - Nairobi ...

See the post about the trip to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) on my other blog.

Calvin Jones has posted a useful list of Climate Change Blogs - most useful.
Also some of the persons who commented have added extras - so read the comments as well.

20 November, 2006

How to talk to a climate sceptic ...

See the very comprehensive post on 'How to talk to an environmental sceptic' at the environmental news blog GristMill

15 November, 2006

Communicating Climate Change ...

One of the most interesting panel debates that I attended at UNFCCC was the one on Communicating Climate Change. Read the articles at the URLs listed at the end of the document.

These include:

• “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Principle”. Jules Boykoff and Maxwell Boykoff. Common Dreams, 6 July 2006.
• “Warm Words: How are we telling the climate story and can we tell it better?”. Gill Ereaut and Nat Segnit. Institute for Public Policy Research, August 2006.
• “Yelling 'Fire' on a Hot Planet”. Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times, April 23 2006.
• “The Next Big Storm: can scientists and journalists work together to improve coverage of the hurricane-global warming controversy?”. CSICOP, 3 August 2006.
• “Scientists fear new attempts to undermine climate action”. The Guardian, 21 April 2006.
• “Climate of scepticism: US newspaper coverage of the science of climate change”. Liisa Antilla. Global Environmental Change Part A Volume 15, Issue 4, December 2005.
• “Journalistic Balance as Global Warming Bias - Creating controversy where science finds consensus”. Jules Boykoff and Maxwell Boykoff. Fair, November 2004.
• “A Challenge to Journalists Who Cover Global Warming”. Sen. James Inhofe. October 24 2006.

Links to more info about the references listed above are available here.

Check out Liisa Antilla's blog One Blue World and particularly the links on her post about the debate.

There is also an interesting BBC article on communicating climate change titled, "Chaotic world of climate truth", By Mike Hulme, Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

Communications strategy for the GRI ...

Call for expressions of interest for the development of a communications strategy for the GRI.
Contact Andrew Brown for details.

Andrew Brown
Coordinator, Garden Route Initiative
P O Box 3542, Knysna, 6570
Tel: (+27) 044 382-0479
Fax: (+27) 086 6501691
Cell: (+27) 082 9040787
Email: andrewb@sanparks.org

Southern Cape Wetlands Forum ...

At long last… notice of the next Southern Cape Wetlands Forum meeting, the arrangements as follows:

Date: Wednesday 29 November 2006
Time: 14h00 to 16h00
Venue: Ashmead Resort, off George Rex Drive in Knysna (for those who may need directions to the venue please get hold of me).

At the next meeting, the following items will be on the agenda:
1. Discussion on the status of wetlands in the Southern Cape after the recent flooding
2. Presentation of the Working for Wetlands rehabilitation plans for 2007/8 for Duivenhoks, Goukou, and Tsitsikamma wetlands.
3. Presentation and discussion on the draft prioritisation of wetlands requiring rehabilitation work in the Southern Cape
4. Feedback from the Working for Wetlands Programme
5. Feedback on the national Wetlands Indaba held in Stutterheim recently

Any other matters put onto the agenda for discussion, please let me know within the next week.

Please also pass this notice on to anyone that may be in interested in attending this or other Southern Cape Wetland Forum meetings, and let me have their email addresses for inclusion onto Forum the mailing list.

Andrew Brown
Garden Route Initiative
P O Box 3542, Knysna, 6570
Tel: (+27) 044 382-0479
Fax: (+27) 086 6501691
Cell: (+27) 082 9040787
Email: andrewb@sanparks.org

10 November, 2006

Mkambati and the Wild Coast - book launch

The Wild Coast is one of Africa's jewels, but it remains a forgotten wilderness, waiting to be rediscovered and nurtured for all people to enjoy. This book uncovers some of the mystique of the area and exposes secrets that have been known only to local people, shipwreck survivors
and adventurous explorers. It focuses mainly on Pondoland, the most scenic and biodiversity rich part of the Wild Coast. This is where the Mkambati Nature reserve lies nestled in a centre of endemism where hundreds of unique species of plants wait to be discovered. Stunning photographs reveal the rugged beauty of land and sea and are accompanied by comprehensive text about the rich history of the area, colourful culture of the amaPondo people, fascinating plant and animal life and marine treasurers only found on the Wild Coast. It has something of interest for everyone. To quote Dr. Ian Player, "It is much more than a simple guide or coffee table book. It has been well researched, but combines science with the heart, and, most important of all, it is a story of our time. It is to be treasured, continually referred to, and acted upon".

You are cordially invited to the launch of the book

"Mkambati and the Wild Coast" to be held at:

The Center for the Book, 62 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town,
on Tuesday 21st. November at 5.30pm.

Please RSVP to Di Mellon.


Fax 021 762 098 Cell 072 277 6035 A/H 021 797 4589

09 November, 2006

Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program Meeting ...

Perhaps you would be interestedto see the docs from the recent Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program Meeting, See the info from Mahlette Betre below:


Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program Meeting on September 29th, 2006 in Pretoria, South Africa.

We had a very succesful workshop and have now posted the results of the workshop: meeting summary and presentations on our website. Please use the following web address to access those documents:

Best Regards,

Mahlette Betre

Manager, Energy & Mining Program
Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB)
Conservation International
1919 M Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 912-1220
Fax: (202) 912-1047
Sign up for CELB's Quarterly eNewsletter: <<http://www.celb.org/xp/CELB/enewsletter.xml <http://www.celb.org/xp/CELB/enewsletter.xml> >>

08 November, 2006

Books on Climate Change ...

A colleague forwarded me information from the NHBS Environment Bookstore.

It looks like a very interesting list of books on the subject.

The contact details in the e-mail are:
"NHBS Environment Bookstore"

Sir Nicholas Stern has just presented his Review on the Economics of Climate Change, commissioned by the British Government last year during its G8 Presidency. The Review marks a watershed in that it brings economics squarely into the debate and thus provides a firm and compelling basis for policy. The former World Bank Chief Economist estimates that the impact of global warming could cost as much as 20 per cent of the world's GDP He urges immediate action since postponement will only increase the eventual costs.

All countries will be affected by climate change, but the poorest countries will suffer earliest and most. Deeper international co-operation will be required in many areas, most notably in creating price signals and markets for carbon, spurring technology research, development and deployment, and promoting adaptation, particularly for developing countries.

The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change is available for pre-order now with NHBS Environment Bookstore: publication is due in December. In addition we have put together a list of key titles on climate change below, to help give you all the facts you need to stay informed. To browse our full list of titles on Climate Change online click here

The Atlas of Climate Change

Kirstin Dow and Thomas E Downing

Rigorous in its science and insightful in its message, this atlas examines the possible impact of climate change on our ability to feed the world's people, avoid water shortages, conserve biodiversity, improve health, and preserve cities and cultural treasures. It also reviews historical contributions to greenhouse gas levels, progress in meeting Kyoto commitments, and local efforts to meet the challenge of climate change. More...

softcover | 2006 | #160430 | £12.99


George Monbiot

Limited Number of Signed Copies Currently Available.
Combining his unique knowledge of political campaigning and environmental science, Monbiot analyses the potential of energy efficiency, renewable resources, carbon burial, nuclear power and new transport and building systems to discover what works, what doesn't, what costs the least and what needs to be done to make change happen. Rigorous, passionate and totally surprising, this book could change the world. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #160465 | £17.99

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore

The truth about the climate crisis is an inconvenient one that means we are going to have to change the way we live our lives. Our climate crisis may at times appear to be happening slowly, but in fact it has become a true planetary emergency and we must recognise that we are facing a crisis. So why is it that some leaders seem not to hear the clarion warnings? Are they resisting the truth because they know that the moment they acknowledge it, they will face a moral imperative to act? Written by former Vice President of the U.S., Al Gore. More...

softcover | 2006 | #161568 | £14.99

The Rough Guide to Climate Change

Robert Henson

"The Rough Guide to Climate Change" is a complete guide to one of the most pressing problems facing humanity. From the current situation and background science to the government sceptics and possible solutions, this book covers the whole subject from an array of different angles. More...

softcover | 2006 | #160466 | £9.99

High Tide

Mark Lynas

Tipped as the No Logo of climate change, this book travels the world to show that the impacts of global warming are already having a tangible effect on people's lives. But this isn't just an inventory of disaster - it looks at how people are coping as the world they've always known changes at unprecedented speed. Mark Lynas has abandoned the scientific disputes and the political wrangling, and spent three years travelling to find out from ordinary people how massive changes to the climate are devastating their lives, not in the future, but now. More...

hardcover | 2004 | #144142 | £16.99
softcover | 2005 | #149236 | £7.99

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Edited by Thomas E Lovejoy and Lee Hannah

Comprehensive assessment of the state of knowledge on climate change and biodiversity, an essential reference. Written for the specialist as well as the concerned citizen, this important book presents a comprehensive view of the newest research and thinking on climate change and biological diversity. More...

hardcover | 2005 | #149246 | £45.00
softcover | 2006 | #160656 | £22.50

Global Warming

John T Houghton

"...the best single-volume guide to the science of climate change." - Times Literary Supplement
A completely revised and updated edition of a well-known textbook. Comprehensive guide exploring the scientific basis of global warming and the likely impacts of climate change on human society. Houghton addresses the action that could be taken by governments, by industry and by individuals to mitigate the effects. More...

hardcover | Edition 3 | 2004 | #144209 | £55.00
softcover | Edition 3 | 2004 | #144208 | £24.99

The Last Generation

Fred Pearce

Nature is fragile, environmentalists tell us. The truth is far more worrying. She is strong and packs a serious counter-punch. And, it could be on the way. Man-made global warming is on the verge of unleashing unstoppable planetary forces - and the process will not be gradual. New scientific findings about how our planet works show that it does not do gradual change. Under pressure, it lurches into another mode of operation - virtually overnight Nature's revenge will be sudden and brutal. More...

softcover | 2006 | #158787 | £12.99

Global Warning

Paul Brown

This visually stunning book aims to educate the public at large. It features graphics and maps, hard-hitting text, and powerful pictures showing the plight the world is already facing. The tone is serious, but ultimately positive and outlines what we all need to do to safeguard our future. It provides an honest appraisal of a critical situation, and some practical advice about solutions - whether making small adjustments in everyday life, or raising public awareness across the globe. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #161074 | £19.95

Climate Change Begins at Home

Dave Reay

This book argues that while government and industry dither, we could all cut our personal greenhouse gas emissions by 60% - the level necessary to halt the current trend according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Climatologist Dave Reay explores the climate impact of housing, gardening, food, money, work, transport, death even. This entertaining and authoritative book makes climatology understandable and challenges readers to rethink their notions of 'doing their bit'. More...

hardcover | 2005 | #153570 | £16.99
softcover | 2006 | #161359 | £8.99

Plant Growth and Climate Change

Edited by James IL Morrison and Michael D Morecroft

Climatic conditions are key determinants of plant growth, whether at the scale of temperature regulation of the cell cycle, or at the scale of the geographic limits for a particular species. The climate is changing, due to human activities - particularly the emission of greenhouse gases - and therefore the conditions for the establishment, growth, reproduction, survival and distribution of plant species are changing. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #157216 | £99.95

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock

New installment of Lovelock's writings on Gaia, in which he argues that the only way for humankind to come to terms with Gaia now, and have a chance of surviving, is to embrace science and technology, not reject them. This includes an acceptance that nuclear energy is a necessity in order to counter global warming. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #156593 | £16.99
softcover | February 2007 | #162741 | £8.99

Field Notes from a Catastrophe

Elizabeth Kolbert

In writing that is both clear and unbiased, Kolbert - an acclaimed New Yorker journalist - approaches global warming from every angle. She travels to the Arctic, England, Holland and Puerto Rico, conducts interviews, explains the science, draws frightening parallels to lost ancient civilizations, unpacks the politics, and presents the personal tales of those who are being affected most - the people who make their homes near the poles. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #158770 | £14.99

The Weather Makers

Tim Flannery

Flannery reveals how the earth's climate has changed, across millennia and decades, and how the slightest imbalance has far-reaching, unexpected consequences. The weather - everything from hurricanes to heatwaves - cannot be understood in isolation. Flannery transports us as we share his wonder at the magnificence and diversity of nature, and grips and inspires us as he conjures up a vision of our past, present and future. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #156587 | £20.00

Climate Change and Managed Ecosystems

Jagtar Bhatti, Rattan Lal, Mick A Price and Michael J Apps

Featuring contributions from leading experts in the field, Climate Change and Managed Ecosystems examines the effects of global climate change on intensively constructed or reconstructed ecosystems, focusing on land use changes in relation to forestry, agriculture, and wetlands including peatlands. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #157076 | £92.00

The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change

Andrew E Dessler and Edward A Parson

In spite of the scientific community's warnings of the imminent dangers of global warming, politicians worldwide have failed to agree on what to do about this potentially devastating environmental problem. Dessler and Parson combine their respective expertise in the areas of atmospheric science and public environmental policy to help scientists, policy makers and the general public sort through the conflicting claims of the debate. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #147457 | £45.00
softcover | 2006 | #147458 | £19.99

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change

Edited by Hans Joachim Schnellnhuber, Wolfgang Cramer et al

The Arctic sea ice shrank to its lowest extent last summer and devastating hurricanes show how sensitive even developed societies are to extreme weather. In 2005 the UK Government hosted the 'Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change' conference to take an in-depth look at the scientific issues associated with climate change. This volume presents the most recent findings from those who attended the conference, including Tony Blair and Margaret Beckett. More...

hardcover | 2006 | #157618 | £70.00

To browse the NHBS Environment Bookstore's full list of titles on Climate Change click here

07 November, 2006

Western Cape Wetlands forum ...

The Western Cape Wetlands forum meetings are open to all with an
interest in wetlands and related issues.

Please find attached the agenda for the last meeting of 2006. It is on
the 15 November from 13.30 to 16.15 in the Congress Room of the
Biodiversity Centre at Kirstenbosch.

You can read an add on at the end of the agenda about the City of Cape
Town's Wetland database and come prepared for an interesting interactive

Contact person for agenda and further info:

Philippa Huntly
(Forum Secretary)
Urban Conservation Unit; SA National Biodiversity Institute
Kirstenbosch; Pvt Bag X7; Claremont; Cape Town
7735; South Africa Tel: 27 21 799 8692; CELL: 082 57 96521; Fax: 27 21
797 8390
website: http://www.sanbi.org/
project website: www.capeflatsnature.org

06 November, 2006

New Book on Climate Change in South Africa - "Scorched" ...

New Book on regional impacts of Climate Change

See also the book's website

The following book has just been launched - it gives a uniquely South African perspective on the problem of climate change and how it will impact on the region. Thought the following information might be of interesting to all of you:

Scorched: South Africa's Changing Climate (Wits University Press)

Leonie S Joubert

Scorched is a vivid journey through southern Africa's mesmerising landscapes as climate change sets in. It wanders through the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands to capture the last faltering calls of a rain frog that was named after the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. The author pauses for thought following an elephant stampede to consider how savannahs might shift in an altered climate. She trails the wading birds of the West Coast into the high Arctic tundra for their annual breeding season before returning to a Cape which is crisping over as drought continues to grip the province.

Another world exists somewhere beyond the global politicking of super powers and petrostates. This is the place where a solitary bee continues to pollinate the pale, demure flower of an orchid near Darling, or where the limey coral skeleton hosts its colourful algae on a Sodwana reef. These plants and animals – many of which are unique to the region – continue to do what their ancestors have done for millions of years. Yet the world is shifting its shape around them. In places it is warming and drying, elsewhere the rains come in greater deluges. Some are abandoned by the other plants and animals with which they have cohabited, as species retreat before the onslaught of rising greenhouse gases and altered weather patterns.

Scorched marvels at the world in which we live: the improbable balance of the air round us and the way it banks away the Sun's energy to keep us warm and thriving, the way life has evolved in this planetary incubator and how one species has risen up to become a potent geophysical force with the ability to shift a system which has evolved over 4 600 million years.

Scorched gives powerful local colour to a global problem. It ponders the morality of the changes humankind has wrought, and the future of life as we know it.

Leonie Joubert studied journalism and history at the universities of Rhodes and Stellenbosch. It was her enduring fascination with the human condition and its place in the natural order of things that led her to take up science writing from a small study in Wynberg, overlooking the Cape peninsula. She is the recipient of a Merit Award in the 2006 SAB Environmentalist Journalists of the Year Awards – Print Media "in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the field of environmental journalism".

1 86814 437 2
210x190, 264pp
November 2006
R180.00 / US$29.95
978 1 86814 437 2

Please send orders to:

Book Promotions, PO Box 5, Plumstead 7800
Tel: 021 707 5700
Fax: 021 707 5795

Transaction Publishers, 390 Campus Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873, USA
Tel: 732 445 1245
Fax: 732 748 9801

UK / Europe:
The Eurospan Group
Tel: +44 207 845 0803
Fax: +44 207 379 3313

Cape Nature Biodiversity Review ...

Today I'm attending the Cape Nature Biodiversity Review.

Here is a pic of the gathering

05 November, 2006

National People and Parks Workshop ...

Here is a link to a post on my other blog about the National People and Parks workshop that I attended recently

The Stern Report on the Economics of Climate Change ...

You can download the actual report and associated reviews here

04 November, 2006