29 November, 2006

DEADP Aquaculture Workshop ...

Dear stakeholder,

The Provincial Government of the Western Cape: Department of
Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) has recognised
the need to develop measures and guidelines to manage and promote
aquaculture. Although the aquaculture industry can possibly impact on
the environment negatively it may also serve as a vehicle for the
achievement of socio-economic development and redress and improve food

The core purpose of the project was defined as the creation of
frameworks and tools for DEA&DP to be able to regulate and facilitate
responsible and sustainable aquaculture development within its mandate
as a legislative authority over the environment in the Western Cape.
DEA&DP plays a significant role in the co-operative governance of
aquaculture and the enhancement of a better understanding among
authorities in relation to aquaculture. In this manner resources will
be protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a
sustainable and equitable manner.

These documents are now finished and training sessions for interested
parties are scheduled on these two documents on 6 Dec 2006 (George) and
7 Dec 2006 (Cape Town). Please note that this opportunity is not just
open to Western Cape government officials but also to industry,
consultants, pdi's etc.

Please send as much of your colleagues as possible. Attached, you will
find and invitation that explains the training workshop.

If you are are NOT based in the Western Cape Province but would like to
attend, take note that you are welcome to attend but that your traveling
and accommodation costs will not be covered by DEADP.

Interested parties should RSVP by no later than 01 December 2006 .

Toinette van der Merwe
Principal Environmental Officer
Directorate: Integrated Environmental Management (Region B1)
Department Environmental Affairs and Development Planning
Provincial Government of the Western Cape

Tel: +27 21 483 2761
Fax: +27 21 483 4372
Email: tvdmerwe@pgwc.gov.za