24 July, 2006

District Workshops for the Supplementation of the National EIA Regulations ...

Dear Stakeholders

We have finalised the details for the forthcoming series of district
workshops for the Supplementation of the national EIA Regulations project.
The project has been following a process of 1) mapping of geographical
layers (e.g. rivers, wetlands, rigdes, sensitive vegetation, urban areas
etc.), and 2) the parallel drafting of inclusion (NEMA 24(2) b) and
exclusion (NEMA 24(2) c) lists of activities for the WC Province.

At each district workshop a composite map (all layers) will be on display
for that district with one area selected for 'zooming in' to show some
detail. The DRAFT associated lists of activities for Basic Assessment,
EIA/Scoping and exclusions will be available, and the team will demonstrate
how these link in with the maps.

All workshops will take the form of an open-house session followed by a
discussion (Q&A) session. The open-house will allow stakeholders to view the
maps and get an idea for how the lists link to areas on the map, before
coming together for the discussion.

Workshop times will be as follows:
Cape Town - Belville Town Hall, 24 July - open house 14h00-15h30, discussion

West Coast - Saldanha Bay Protea Hotel, 25 July - open house 14h30-15h30,
dicussion 15h30-16h30

Beaufort West -Karoo National Park Conference venue, 25 July - open house
14h30-15h30, dicussion 15h30-16h30

Winelands - Joie de Vivre Paarl, 26 July - open house 14h30-15h30, dicussion

George - Far Hills Hotel just outside George, 26 July - open house
14h30-15h30, dicussion 15h30-16h30

Caledon at the Caledon Town Hall next to the Caledon Museum, 27th July -
open house 14h30-15h30, dicussion 15h30-16h30

Please note: This is not a capacity building session as the project is still
going through its development process and all products presented are DRAFTS
for discussion. (DEADP will be conducting capacity building sessions on the
new national EIA regulations (effective 1 July 2006) in the six districts
shortly after these workshops).

It is also recommended, although not essential, that stakeholders have a
look at the lists of activities for Basic Assessment and EIA/Scoping prior
to attending the workshops in order to better understand the additions and
exclusions that are to be discussed. These lists are available on
www.capegateway.gov.za and www.environment.gov.za

We have not been able to confirm every response we have received. If you
have emailed a reply to Shawn Johnston or Kathy Leslie, you can assume you
are down to attend the relevant workshop. If you are no longer able to
attend, please let us know soonest. If you have not yet replied, please do
so asap.


Kathy Leslie - 021 671 9350 or 083 325 5615 (wleslie@iafrica.com)

Shawn Johnston - 083 325 9965 (swjohnston@mweb.co.za)