07 March, 2007

Draft guideline on biodiversity offsets - comments requested

In December 2005 the Department of Environment Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) commissioned the preparation of a provincial guideline on biodiversity offsets. A draft guideline was produced in June 2006 (www.capegateway.gov.za/eng/pubs/guides/P/133948/2 ) but, due to a number of issues, was not finalized.

In January 2007, the Department appointed Susie Brownlie (deVilliers Brownlie Associates), together with Mark Botha (Botanical Society of South Africa), Nick Helme (Nick Helme Botanical Surveys) and Hugo van Zyl (Independent Economic Researchers), to strengthen and finalize the draft guideline.

Drawing on a focused biodiversity offsets workshop, and input from a number of stakeholders, the draft guideline has been revised. This revised draft will be available for comment by interested and affected parties on DEA&DP's website [(www.capegateway.gov.za/eadp) from Friday 9 March - please go to 'publications' and then 'guidelines', and look for the 'biodiversity offsets' guideline].

Should you have any comments on the revised draft guideline, please send them to Susie Brownlie (email: dbass@icon.co.za) by the very latest 20 March 2007.

Please contact Susie Brownlie [021-6744 253] should you have any queries.