27 August, 2006

GEF Assembly 3 ...

On Friday 25 August Gigi and I were invited to a small cocktail function of UNDP staff and some leading South African biodiversity luminaries arranged by Gugu Agha, head of GEF's Communications division.

The function was held at Gugu's appartment in Camps Bay.

Gigi (SANBI, Cape Town), Nik Sekhran (UNDP, Pretoria)

Sally Nittman

Eddie Russell (UNDP, Pretoria), ?, Judy Beaumont (DEAT, Pretoria)

Merle Huntley chatting to Alan Rodgers (UNDP, Nairobi)

Judy Beaumont, ?, Gugu Agha (UNDP, Geneva)

Shame, Gugu was down with a really bad cold.

Nik Sekhran, Brian Huntley (Acting CEO, SA National Biodiversity Institute SANBI) and Nicole Glineur (GEF, Biodiversity Programme Manager, Washington)

Nik Sekhran, Kristal Maze (SANBI, Birector Biodiversity, pretoria) and Nicole Glineur

Phil Desmet and Nick ? (UNDP)

Gigi, Alex Cote (UNDP, Pretoria) and Trevor Sandwith (C.A.P.E., Cape Town)