10 December, 2006

Ancient concrete reduces pollution by 90% ...

I've just come across a post by a Materials Engineer about the Pyramids being partly constructed of cast concrete blocks.

This is the paragraph that particularly interested me:

"The type of concrete pyramid builders used could reduce pollution and outlast Portland cement, the most common type of modern cement. Portland cement injects a large amount of the world's carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and has a lifespan of about 150 years. If widely used, a geopolymer such as the one used in the construction of the pyramids can reduce that amount of pollution by 90 percent and last much longer. The raw materials used to produce the concrete used in the pyramids -- lime, limestone and diatomaceous earth -- can be found worldwide and is affordable enough to be an important construction material for developing countries, Barsoum said."

If we set up a plant to produce this type of concrete in the Western Cape could we register it as a CDM project?

Picture of the Great Pyramid (Kheops pyramid). (Taken by Alex lbh in April 2005 / Courtesy of Wikipedia)