04 December, 2006

Draft Provincial Growth and Development Strategy for comment ...

Here is your chance good people.

The draft Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) is published for public comment.

The PGDS is available through the hyperlink above.

Sorry this is late notice but it only came to my attention by e-mail a few moments ago.

Typical brilliant provincial communications - our e-mail is full of the most trivial garbage - but the really important policy for comment arrives days before the due date!!!

This is the chance you have been looking for to provide environmental input to the PGDS which is THE principle development policy in the province. If you miss your chance to provide sound environmental input now - forever hold your peace.

This document is in draft (unedited). The Green Paper will be available in the three official languages of the Western Cape.

Please note: only written comments can be accepted.

closing date: 15 December 2006

email: ntgobodo@pgwc.gov.za
fax: 021 483 3827
post: The Director: PGDS, PO Box 659, Cape Town, 8000