05 June, 2006

Move to Strategic Environmental Management Directorate ...

As of next week I'll be moving (unofficially) to Mark Gordon's Directorate of Strategic Environmental Management. (Out of Dawie Kruger's Directorate of Planning, Biodiversity and Coastal Management).

The new sub-directorate that I will manage still has to undergo a formal Organisational and Development review but will in all likelihood become the sub-directorate of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Energy.

Climate Change and Energy will now become a dominant focus of my function as well as Biodiversity. I'm hoping to have the new sub-directorate comprehensively staffed soon (at last).

There will be other orgainsational changes to follow over the next few months to a year as we are in the throws of yet another departmental realignment (restructuring by another name!) Watch this space (blog)!