14 June, 2006

Toyota Environmental Grants ...

The FY 2006 Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program provides support to community-based practical projects conducted by NPOs and other private non-profit groups throughout the world under the theme of "Environmental Technology and Human Resource Development Contributing to Environmental Revitalization and Conservation".

The following two grant categories are applied in the FY 2006 Program:
1) General Grants, which has no restrictions, on project implementation site(s) and the limit of the grant amount per project, allowing a project to make greatest achievements with its flexibility, and

2) Small-scale Grants
with maximum grant amount of two million Japanese yen per project, targeting community-based grassroots activities for the protection of local environment (Project implementation sites are limited to Japan only).

A total of about 200 million Japanese yen (approx. 1.8million U.S. dollars) is budgeted for grants in the FY 2006.

Application Period:
From May 30 (Tue) to July 7 (Fri), 2006.
Applications must be received no later than July 7.)

Information on application procedures and further details in the
Program are available here
in English.

Toyota have requested circulation of this information and look forward to receiving entries for the FY 2006 Program.

For any inquiries, please contact Toyota at:
Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Secretariat
MBE Box 363, 2-3-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 JAPAN
Phone: -3-3272-1925 (9:30-17:30, Mon.-Fri.) Fax: -3-3272-1926
E-mail: toyota-ecogrant@mri.co.jp