14 June, 2006

New standby capacity for ESKOM ...

Apologies ESKOM but I can't resist this :-)

Many of you may know about ESKOM's recent 'PROBLEMS' at the Koeberg Nuclear Powerstation in Cape Town which have been the source of numerous power outages in Cape Town and surrounds over the past few months.

A colleague has just bought to my attention the new standby power system that ESKOM have arranged for Koeberg. See the photo below:

Did you also hear about the devil and Gatiep.
Apparantly the devil recently became tired of sitting in the saddle between Devil's Peak and Table Mountain smoking with van Hunks so he strolled down the slopes to wander around the streets of Cape Town.
There he met Gatiep.
The devil says to Gatiep, "Hey, do you know who I am?"
Gatiep responds, "Nay, jy's beslis nie van die Flats, gee my 'n hint."
The devil tells Gatiep, "They call me the Prince of Darkness."
"Ja!", says Gatiep, "Nou weet ek. Jy's die 'bigshot' by ESKOM!"