21 June, 2006

Short course: Intro to Integrated Env Water Mgmt ...

Short course: Introduction to Integrated Environmental Water Management
17–28 July 2006, Roodeplaat Dam Training Centre, Pretoria

The FET-Water initiative will be presenting a two-week short course on the background and context of Integrated Environmental Water Management (IEWM).

The material to be presented constitutes Module 1 of a multi-institutional coursework Masters degree in Integrated Environmental Water Management, to be offered from 2007.

The following topics will be covered in this module:

1) Balancing the use and protection of water – broad overview of the philosophy and contextualisation of Environmental Water Requirements (EWRs) within the framework of integrated water resource management. This component provides an introduction to the overall functioning and integrated nature of inland and estuarine aquatic ecosystems.

2) Legal and regulatory framework – overview of the relevant global and national policies and legislation pertaining to the statutory obligation for water resource protection and management, with a focus on the South African situation.

3) Public participation – overview of the role of and statutory obligation for public participation in water resource protection and management, particularly in the South African context.

The short course will be presented by staff from the Institute for Water Research (Rhodes University), private consultants involved in the water sector, and management personnel from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF). It will be presented at the Roodeplaat Dam Training Centre (approximately 20km from Pretoria) over ten full days, i.e. 17–21 July and 24–28 July.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to those participants who attend the short course and complete all assignments. A certificate of competence will be awarded to those who attend and successfully complete the assignments and an examination at the end. In addition, a credit towards the degree will be awarded to successful candidates enrolling for the Masters course in 2007.

Who should attend?
Ø DWAF personnel, particularly those in the Resource Directed Measures (RDM) Directorate.
Ø Personnel from other government departments concerned with the sustainable use and protection of water resources.
Ø Scientists and researchers concerned with the sustainable use and protection of water resources in South Africa.
Ø Consultants in the environmental and water sectors.
Ø Members of water management institutions, and of other organisations or associations in the water sector.

There will be no cost for attending the short course, as it has been subsidised by DWAF. Travel, accommodation and meals (except lunch and teas, which will be provided each day) will, however, have to be personally arranged and paid for by attendees.

Personnel from DWAF attending the short course can claim S&T from the Directorate’s budget, but must provide Roodeplaat Dam Training Centre with the relevant Responsibility and Objective Codes. S&T will NOT be available from the organisers of the course.

Attendance requirements
Anybody who is interested in the material to be presented is welcome to attend the short course. There is, however, a logistical limit to the number of people that can be accepted on this occasion. As such, preference will be given to professionals in the field of water resource management and to potential applicants for the MSc degree in IEWM to be offered in 2007. (Please note that the minimum qualification required for acceptance into the MSc course is a BSc (Hons) degree).

Application details
If you are interested in attending the short course, please fill in and return the attached application form by 7 July 2006. Late applications are unlikely to be processed.

If you are interested in the short course but are unable to attend, please fill the application form in and indicate which dates you would be able to attend and/or which location would be preferable.

The short course will be of particular relevance to prospective students for the Masters course in IEWM to be offered from 2007, as they will obtain a credit for successfully completing this module.

Queries and further information

If you have any queries or would like to obtain additional information about the short course or about the coursework Masters degree in Integrated Environmental Water Management to be offered in 2007, please contact:

Dean Ollis
Freshwater Research Unit
University of Cape Town
Telephone: (021) 650 3638
Fax: (021) 650 3301
E-mail: dollis@botzoo.uct.ac.za