03 June, 2006

My absolutely most favourite environmental podcast ...

You just HAVE TO listen to Dori & Val's 'More Hip than Hippie' podcast.
These two gals are reeeely entertaining. They start off each programme with a beer and chocolate tasting! Very light-hearted but packed with useful information for planet-friendly living.

This podcast sure beats listening to 'AM/PM Live' while commuting.

Have you heard about the Tango car and the Beach Solar Laundromat (that won Canada's 2004 best small business for pollution prevention and the best greenhouse gas reduction project in Canada)? Do you know that 2% of air pollution in California comes from petrol lawn mowers?

Get across to 'More Hip than Hippie' from where you can download their latest podcasts and subscribe to their RSS feed.

There is also a link on their site to Podcast Alley where you can learn all about podcasting and RSS feeds. You'll find lots of other enviro podcasts at Podcast Alley.

I have added, and will be adding more links to other science and enviro podcasts that I find informative in the links section of the sidebar of this blog.